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Get Clinically Actionble Interventions

Your test records need to count in making your health better. FreeLab integrates your test records with your clinical data and genetic information, allowing you to:

Get the Safest and Most Effective Medicines

Get optimized drug dosages based on your genetics and other clinical data

Receive Red Flag Alerts

Benefit from Big Data Analytics

We use gene datasets, test results, patient information, and clinical data to uncover health red-flags and identify trends, patterns, and correlations that assist in data-informed clinical decisioning..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FreeLab?

FreeLab is a medical laboratory service that seeks to provide accurate and reliable tests to those who need them the most in a safe, speedy and cost-effective manner , overcoming the constraints of space, geography, money, and time.

Is FreeLab Free?

FreeLab provides absolutely free medical laboratory tests with no hidden charges

What does FreeLab do with my data?

We will never share your test data or personal information (email, phone number, etc). Test data is anonymized and used to check for red flags in your health and to improve your treatment.

How does FreeLab Improve my Safety?

  • A safety check button analyzes all your prescriptions and removes medicines that give you allergies and adverse side effects,drugs that are contraindicated for you, and those that interact with other drugs that you are taking. Safer alternatives are suggested.
  • Our M-prescription tool eliminate medication errors arising from incorrect dosages, misspelt prescriptions, and other errors
  • Personalization - genetic data is used to select drugs that are most effective and least harmful to you. Dosages are adjusted to ensure drugs work effectively for you. Learn More
  • Our strict registration and validation process ensures that only licensed professionals prescribe medicine and that there is no room for quacks
  • The system is configured to allow sale of prescription only medicines (POMs) only with valid prescriptions from registered and licensed medical doctors

How do I Request, Receive, and Share Prescriptions?

If you have a written prescription, upload your written prescription using the icon. We will sms you a prescription (RX) code. If you don't have a presription code, fill the "request code" form that appears after selecting your drug. A prescription sms will be sent to your phone. Use the code to make your purchase. Any time a doctor prescribes a drug for you, the RX code will be automatically sent to you phone inbox via SMS.

How do I Buy Medicine?

To buy an over the counter (OTC) drug, type the required drug brand name, chemical name, disease, or manufacturer on the search tool and click the search button at the top right hand corner. Locate the drug you require from the list that appears, click the "buy" icon, pay, and wait for the drug to be delivered. To buy a prescription-only medicine (POM), you will need to have a valid prescription. If you have a written prescription, upload your written prescription using the icon. We will sms you an RX code. Type the RX code, submit, pay, and wait for the drug to be delivered. If you have an RX code, type it in the space provided, submit, pay, and wait for your drug to be delivered. If you don't have a presription code, fill the "request code" form that appears after selecting your drug. A prescription sms will be sent to your phone. Use the code to make your purchase. Alternatively, use the RX code to redeem the drug at a chemist near you if you do not prefer us to deliver it to you.

How to Refill Medicine

Click on the icon, select the drug you want to refill and click on the icon. Pay and wait for the drug to be delivered. If you have exhausted your refills you will need to request a new rx code.

Who Delivers the Medicine and how is it Delivered?

The medicine is delivered by pharmaceutical technologists and pharmacy assistants registered in our affiliate program. The medicine is delivered by motorcycle riders. Delivery can also be made by service providers such as postal courier and shuttle vans that operate at short intervals and clients can pick the medicine at designated pick-up points. Press this button to join our Pharmtech Affiliate Program Join the Pharmtech Affiliate Program

M-Prescription: How it Works

The principle behind m-prescription is that valid prescriptions should be sent to only those who need them by only those who are licensed to prescribe in a fast, explicit, and cost-effective manner and that these prescriptions should be traceable,verifiable,secure,private,and everlasting.In FreeLab, M-prescription is Invoked by:

      Prescription vendors – any other doctor or clinical officer registered to use the service and acting on behalf of a patient
      Submitted online/cellphone MRx form by a patient

How it Works:

      The prescriber selects the most suitable and cost-effective drug based on the patient presentations, complaints, and medical records
      The prescriber generates the prescription and sends the code to the patient to make the purchase. This can be done as follows:
          The prescriber logs in, searches for the drug to be prescribed, and clicks on the "RX" tab. More drugs can be added to the prescription in this manner if required. Once all the required drugs have been added, the prescriber then finalizes the prescription. The unique code identifying the drug is automatically sent to the patient's phone and the patient uses the code to buy medicine via Mpesa, Airtel Money, Visa Card,or directly from their bank account using the PesaPal service and the drug delivered to the buyer. Alternatively, the buyer can use the RX code to redeem the drug from any nearby pharmacy since the prescription code is archived in a central database that can be accessed by registered pharmacists.

How to Set Reminders for Taking Medicine

Use the icon under the icon to set reminders.

How to Order for a Test

Click on the icon, select the checkbox of the test(s) you want done,pay,collect your sample,drop it in the authorized collection box, and wait for your results and or prescription. Use the icon to collect the sample correctly.

How do I Match my Symptoms to a Disease?

Use the Symptom Checker tool in your homepage to match your symptoms to disease.

How to Manage your Medical Records

On registration, you will be required to add important data about your medical history, allergies, and biographical data, among others. You can update or edit this data by using the icon under the icon. You can also view your diagnoses, past prescriptions, and lab test results using the respective tabs. You cannot however modify this data. You will need to keep your login password secure to avoid unauthorized people from accessing your information. Every time a doctor requests to view your data, a code will be automatically generated and sent to your registered mobile phone. You will need to give the doctor this code before you can access your data. This is meant to protect your data from unauthorized access.

To check your allergies, use the icon under the icon to view your allergies

To view your past medications, use the icon.

How Secure is FreeLab?

FreeLab is very secure. Any data you submit to this website or the FreeLab App is sent over a https connection and is securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. We also utilize a 2-factor authentication model and the Google recaptcha tool to enhance your security. We have robust security policies in place.