Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Amalyse Test in Kenya

Brief Description

it is done to measure the amount of amylase enzyme in blood.


not known

Patient Preparation

The patient should avoid medicines like aspirin"," opiates "," birth control and diuretics

Sample Type

Serum or plasma

Sample volume

1ml with a minimum volume of 0.7ml

Sample collection Container

Gel-barrier tube"," red-top tube or green top tube (lithium heparin.) Avoid using EDTA","oxalate or

Sample collection instructions

Plasma or serum should be separated within 45 minutes of sample collection

Sample storage

Store sample at room temperature

Reference range

40-140U/L(unite per litre)

Results Turnaround

Within 24 hours of receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

High serum amylase is associated to acute pancreatitis"," pancretic abscess and pancreatic ascites.