Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Blood culture Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test checks for pathogens such as bacteria in the blood. The test is usually prescribed in diagnosing a blood infection.


Culture, Blood, Routine

Patient Preparation

The patient may be required to stop taking certain medications and supplements.

Sample Type

Whole Blood

Sample volume

16 to 20ml for Adults, 1 to 4ml for Pedriatic

Sample collection Container

One aerobic and one anaerobic blood culture bottle for adults or one pediatric bottle.

Sample collection instructions

For suspected bacteremia in adults, two sets of blood culture bottles (aerobic and anaerobic) are drawn from two separate venipuncture sites. The aerobic bottle should be inoculated first as there is about 0.5 cc of air in the line of the collection set. It is important not to underfill or overfill the bottles as this can adversely affect the results. If more than one culture is ordered, the specimens should be drawn separately at no less than 30 minutes apart. The time of collection must be indicated. Strict aseptic technique is essential.

Sample storage

Samples are maintained at room temperature

Reference range

Presence/Absence of growth

Results Turnaround

5 - 6 days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

If the blood culture is positive it means there is blood infection. This is indicative for fungemia or bacteremia disease such as Meningitis, Endocarditis, Pneumonia.