Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

CKMB Test in Kenya

Brief Description

it is a blood test that measures the amount of isoenzyme of creatine kinase in the blood.


CK-2"," CK-MB

Patient Preparation

The pattern of serial CK-MB determinations is more informative that a single determination.

Sample Type


Sample volume

1ml with a minimum volume of 0.7ml

Sample collection Container

Gel-barrier tube"," red-top tube

Sample collection instructions

if red top is used"," transfer separated serum to a plastic transport tube

Sample storage

Store sample at room temperature

Reference range

male:0.0-10.4ng/ml"," female: 0.0-5.3ng/ml

Results Turnaround

1-2 days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

it is used to confirm and monitor therapy after acute myocardial infarction