Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Cytological urgent examination of smear taken during surgery, extra Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is used to investigate the presence of abnormal cells in a designated site of the body. Samples are taken during a surgical procedure"," processed"," and analysed as soon as possible to inform medical interventions.



Patient Preparation

The physician will enquire about any medication the patient is taking"," and if they are pregnant.

Sample Type


Sample volume


Sample collection Container


Sample collection instructions

Multiple smears should be made"," for increased sensitivity. Samples should also be labeled immediately after collection with the patients name or a unique identifier.

Sample storage

Samples are stable at room temperature after fixation with ethyl alcohol or refrigerated at 2-80C.

Reference range

Normal cells (negative)

Results Turnaround

One to three weeks after sample collection.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

This test is used to screen for abnormal changes in body cells"," that may cause cancer.