Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Donath-Landsteiner reaction Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is used to determine the presence of the IgG antibody"," biphasic haemolysin with anti-P specificity.


Donath Landsteiner Antibody test

Patient Preparation

There are no special requirements for this test.

Sample Type


Sample volume

3.0 mL

Sample collection Container

Plain tube (red top)

Sample collection instructions

Sample should be maintained at 370c until serum separates from cells.

Sample storage

Samples should be refrigerated after 24hrs for longer storage (up to one week).

Reference range


Results Turnaround

2-3 days after sample collection.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

This test is used to diagnose paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria"," usually associated with acute viral infections.