Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Fasting lipid group test Test in Kenya

Brief Description

it is a test used in the assessment of cardiovascular risk stratification in pedriatric"," adolescent and young adults.


lipid profile"," fasting"," pedriatric

Patient Preparation

The patient should be on a stable diet for atleast two weeks prior to the test and should fast for at least 12 hours before blood collection

Sample Type

Serum or plasma

Sample volume

2ml with a minimum volume of 0.7ml

Sample collection Container

Gel-barrier"," red-top or green top tube (lithium heparin). Avoid using EDTA"," oxalate or citrate p

Sample collection instructions

Plasma or serum should be separated within 45 minutes of sample collection

Sample storage

Store sample at room temperature

Reference range

normal 150mg/dL"," high >500mg/Dl

Results Turnaround

Within 24 hours of receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

fasting lipid group test includes cholesterol"," total"," HDL","LDL cholesterol and triglyceride tests.