Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Fungal Culture, Routine Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is conducted to determine presence of fungi in an area of the body. Its usually prescribed in management of Superficial and/or Systemic fungal infections.


Fungus Blood Culture, Mold Culture, Mycology, Yeast Culture

Patient Preparation

No special preparations required

Sample Type

Biopsy, blood, body fluid, aspirates, skin, nails, hair, sputum, stool, throat, tissue, urine, vagin

Sample volume

2 mL or 1 cm³ tissue, 10 mL blood, whool nail, 5 mL aspirates

Sample collection Container

Sterile container for fluid or tissue, blood culture bottle 

Sample collection instructions

Clean catch midstream is prefered for urine sample. For skin, the area is cleansed with 70% alcohol and a portion from the active border of the lesion collected. For Biopsy sample, a small amount of sterile nonbacteriostatic water should be added to prevent drying.

Sample storage

Samples are maintained at room temperature except for nonsterile respiratory specimens that are refr

Reference range

Presence/Absence of fungi

Results Turnaround

40 - 50 days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Presence of fungi is associated with Superficial fungal infections (such as athlete’s foot, jock itch, Vaginal yeast infections, ringworm.)