Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Fungal Culture, Vaginal Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is conducted to determine presence of fungi in vagina. The test maybe oredered for diagnosis of vaginal candidiasis.


FVAG, Fungi Culture

Patient Preparation

No special preparations required

Sample Type

Vaginal swab

Sample volume

2 ml

Sample collection Container

Culture transport swab 

Sample collection instructions

Any excessive amount of secretion and discharge should be swiped away before collection. Secretions from the mucosal membrane of the vaginal vault should be collected with a sterile swab.

Sample storage

Maintained at room temperature

Reference range

Presence/Absence of fungi

Results Turnaround

42 days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Presence of fungi is associated with Vaginal yeast infections or vaginal candidiasis.