Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Glucose Tolerance Test post-polycose Test in Kenya

Brief Description

it is a blood test that measures the amount of glucose in the blood for diagnosis of gestational diabetes.


GTT Gestational

Patient Preparation

The patient should eat a diet that includes atleast 150grams of carbohydrates daily for 3 days prior to testing and fast atleast eight hours to the test.the patient should discontinue any medication that will intefere with glucose metabolism three days to the test.

Sample Type

serum or plasma

Sample volume

1ml with a minimum volume of 0.5ml

Sample collection Container

gel barrier tubes or grey top tubes

Sample collection instructions

blood sample is drawn before glucose administration"," 75g of glucose is administered and blood drawn after two hours.serum or plasma is then separated from cells within 45 minutes of sample collection.

Sample storage

Store sample at room temperature

Reference range

fasting 65-91mg/dl"," onehour 65-79mg/dl"," two hour 65-52 mg/dl

Results Turnaround

within 24 hours of receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

it is associated with geststional diabetes