Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Gram Stain Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test checks for bacteria at the site of a suspected infection such as the throat, lungs, genitals, or in skin wounds. The two main categories of bacterial infections (Gram-positive and Gram-negative) are diagnosed based on how the bacteria reacts to the Gram stain.


Gram's method, Gram's procedure

Patient Preparation

Special preparations are not required.

Sample Type

Material from infected area

Sample volume

Glass slide smear

Sample collection Container

Clean glass slide

Sample collection instructions

The material is carefully collected from infected area using a strerile swab. The swab should be gently rolled onto the slide to make a thin smear and the slide air dried.

Sample storage

Maintained at room temperature

Reference range

Negative/Normal gram stain.

Results Turnaround

1 - 2days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

If the bacteria was colored purple, it indicates a Gram-positive infection. If the bacteria was colored pink or red, it indicates a Gram-negative infection. The shape can provide more information about the type of infection in that, a round shape identifies cocci while rod shape identifies bacilli.