Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

High Sensitive C reactive protein Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test measures levels of C - reactive protein in blood"," and is used to monitor disorders that may lead to inflammation or prescribed to individuals with serial bacterial infections.


Cardiac C-Reactive Protein (CRP)"," High-sensitivity CRP

Patient Preparation

Patients sex should be stated in request form

Sample Type


Sample volume

1 mL

Sample collection Container

Red-top tube"," gel-barrier tube"," lavender-top (EDTA) tube","orgreen-top (heparin) tube

Sample collection instructions

Plasma and serum should be separated within one hour after sample collection.

Sample storage

Stable at room temperature for 7 days"," refrigerated/frozen for 14 days

Reference range

Low risk: <1.00 mg/L"," Average risk: 1.00?3.00 mg/L"," High risk :> 3.00mg/L

Results Turnaround

1 day after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Increased levels of C - reactive protein is an indicator of various conditions ranging from cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease"," bacterial infections"," fungal infections"," and auto-immune disorders