Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Immunocytochemistry, subsequent stains (up to a maximum of 5 in total) Test in Kenya

Brief Description

Immunocytochemistry is the use of specific antibody-antigen reactions to examine abnormalities in single cell samples"," thereby helping in disease diagnosis. This test covers up to five subsequent stains for the procedure.



Patient Preparation

The patient will be prepared based on the sample collection method.

Sample Type

Aspirates"," blood smears"," cell suspensions"," cultured cells or swabs.

Sample volume


Sample collection Container


Sample collection instructions

Samples should be rapidly fixed then labeled with the patients name or a unique identifier. Samples should not be frozen.

Sample storage

Refrigerate samples until processing.

Reference range

Normal cells

Results Turnaround

Two to three weeks after sample collection.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

When fully processed"," this test is used in the diagnosis and differentiation of different types of cancer.