Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Lithium Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This is a blood test that is conducted to determine the levels of lithium in the blood. Lithium is usually prescribed in the management of manic or bipolar disorders.


Eskalith, Lithobid

Patient Preparation

The patient must not be on lithium therapy at least 6-12 hours before the test.

Sample Type


Sample volume

1 mL; Minimum Volume: 0.3 mL (Note: This volume does not allow for repeat testing.)

Sample collection Container

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube

Sample collection instructions

If a red-top tube is used ”,” transfer separated serum to a plastic transport tube. Reject hemolysed samples or samples collected in lithium heparin tubes.

Sample storage

Refrigerate (stable for 2 weeks)

Reference range

0.5?1.2 mmol/L

Results Turnaround

2 days after receipt of samples.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Low lithium levels are associated with dehydration”,” low-sodium diet”,” diabetic nephropathy”,” glomerulonephritis”,” advanced age and other conditions leading to reduced renal filtration rate.