Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Luteinising hormone (LH) Test in Kenya

Brief Description

it is a test that measures the amount of luteinizing hormone in blood .


interstitial cell stimulating hormone

Patient Preparation

the patient should avoid taking biotin supplements at least 72 hours to sample collection.

Sample Type

serum or plasma

Sample volume

1ml with a minimum volume of 0.7ml

Sample collection Container

Gel-barrier"," red-top or green top tube (lithium heparin). Avoid using EDTA"," oxalate or citrate p

Sample collection instructions

transfer separated serum to a plastic transport tube if a red top tube is used.

Sample storage

Store sample at room temperature

Reference range

pedriatric male and female 8-30 days:","0.2-7.8mIU/mL","adult male: 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL","adult female:1.

Results Turnaround

within 24 hours of receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

it is associated with the growth and maturation of folllicle and production of oestrogen","testosterone and progesterone. High levels of LH midcycle peak inducing ovulation.LH is used to determine Turners syndrome"," amenorrhea and polycystic ovaries.