Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Red blood cell fragility Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test measures the resistance of red blood cells to haemolysis after subjection to varying levels of dilution with a saline solution.


Osmotic fragility test

Patient Preparation

There are no special requirements for this test. The physician will however enquire about any medication or supplements being taken.

Sample Type

Whole blood

Sample volume

4.0 mL

Sample collection Container

EDTA tube (purple top)

Sample collection instructions

Sample should be mixed gently immediately after collection"," for proper mixing of blood with the anticoagulant.

Sample storage

Samples are stable at room temperature for 24 hrs and should be refrigerated for longer storage.

Reference range

Hemolysis begins at 0.5% NaCl"," Hemolysis completes at 0.3% NaCl

Results Turnaround

2-3 days after sample collection.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

An increase in osmotic fragility could indicate poisoning"," spherocytosis (autoimmune/hereditary)"," or severe burns. Decrease in osmotic fragility could indicate sickle cell anaemia"," thalassemias"," or iron deficiency anaemia.