Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Red blood cell inclusion bodies Test in Kenya

Brief Description

Inclusion bodies within red blood cells mostly indicate pathological conditions that affect erythrocytes. They are important in the diagnosis of various haematological disorders.



Patient Preparation

There are no special requirements for this test.

Sample Type

Whole blood

Sample volume

4.0 mL

Sample collection Container

EDTA tube (purple top)

Sample collection instructions

Sample should be mixed gently by inverting eight times immediately after collection"," for proper mixing of blood with the EDTA.

Sample storage

Samples are stable at room temperature for 24 hrs for 3 days refrigerated.

Reference range

Normal red blood cells with normal morphology.

Results Turnaround

1 day after sample collection.

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Common inclusion bodies and their possible causes include: Howell Jolly bodies - sickle cell disease"," SLE"," cirrhosis of the liver"," amyloidosis"," rheumatoid arthritis"," celiac disease"," inflammatory bowel disease"," thrombosis of the splenic artery or vein"," and sarcoidosis. Heinz bodies -