Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Rubella antibodies - IgG Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is a blood test used to detect presence of IgG-class antibodies. The test is prescribed to determine the immune status or an exposure to an individual


German Measles Antibodies

Patient Preparation

No special preparation needed

Sample Type


Sample volume

0.5 mL

Sample collection Container

Red-top tube or gel-barrier tube

Sample collection instructions

Serum should be separated immediately after sample collection.

Sample storage

stable at room temperature 2 days"," refrigerated for 7 days"," frozen for >7 days

Reference range

Nonimmune: <0.90 index"," Equivocal: 0.90?0.99 index"," Immune: >0.99 index

Results Turnaround

1-2 days after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

A positive IgG result indicates prior exposure or immunization and is associated with immune people