Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Semen Analysis Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This test is conducted to measures the quantity and quality of a man's semen and sperm. Most often, the test is ordered to help determine the underlying cause of a person’s inability to conceive, or it may confirm the outcome of a vasectomy.


sperm count test, male fertility test

Patient Preparation

Ejaculation should be avoided for 24 to 72 hours before the test. It’s best not to drink alcohol before the test. Any herbal medications, such as St. John’s wort and echinacea should be stoped.

Sample Type


Sample volume

2 - 5ml

Sample collection Container

Sterile wide-mouthed container.

Sample collection instructions

Masturbation is considered the preferred way to get a clean sample.

Sample storage

The semen must be kept at body temperature and be delivered to the testing facility within 30 to 60

Reference range

Sperm shape: 50 percent of sperm(normally shaped). Movement: 0 - 4 score. pH: 7.2 - 7.8. Volume: gre

Results Turnaround

1 - 14 days after receipt of sample

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Abnormally shaped sperm greater than 50 percent of total sperm indicates reduced fertility. A score of 0 indicates low sperm movement. A pH level higher than 8.0 could indicate the patient has an infection. A low semen volume could indicate a low amount of sperm to fertilize an egg. If semen does no