Kenya Medical Laboratory Tests

Total Protein Test in Kenya

Brief Description

This is a urine test conducted to evaluate the amount of protein in the blood. It is used in the evaluation of proteinuria and other renal diseases.


Not known

Patient Preparation

No special preparation is required before the test

Sample Type

Urine (24-hour)

Sample volume

50 mL aliquot of entire collection with a minimum volume of 1.0 mL

Sample collection Container

Plastic urine container without preservative

Sample collection instructions

All urine should be collected including the final specimen at the end of 24 hour collection period"," mixed and the lid secured. Label the container with patients details (name"," date collection time )

Sample storage

Preferred storage at room temperature (stable for 2 weeks)"," refrigerated or frozen (for 2 weeks)

Reference range

30-150 mg/24 hours

Results Turnaround

24 hours after receipt of samples

Diseases / Diagnostic Indicators

Severe urinary protein losses are associated with nephritic syndromes. hypoproteinemia"," hypoalbuminemia"," elevation of 2-globulin with decreased ?-globulin on electrophoresis"," hyperlipidemia"," and edema.